Monday, September 18, 2006

And Another Update!!

Allright...another update time.
First of all...I am sorry I have not replied to the comments in the previous posts. I really appreciate you all dropping by and saying things!!

So... the past 2 weeks have been really busy and hectic. It was non stop interviews and more long drives.
But... it was all worth it. The good news... I FINALLY did get an offer which I have accepted!
It's a 2.5 hr drive from home... so that means I need to go apartment hunting.

I have been packing and shopping for the new place...and I am already sure I am going to forget a bunch of things!!

It's too much to do.. and I only have about a week and a half.

Hope you all are well.
I better go do some more packing!!
Will keep things updated here!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another Update

I have been so bad with this blog... I actually managed to forget the blogger ID.
I just did some more guess work and came here! thank god!

So...okay update time...
I have been getting a few offers but I am just waiting for the right opportunity right now.
So I am still very jobless...

Things have been rather stressful and busy...
I have driven 100s of miles for interviews...300 miles for one...
And I can say a few things about that....
1) I am so glad I dont have a speeding ticket...kinda surprised too.
2) However I did manage to get another stupid traffic violation charge for which they want me to pay $360. Aint happening!! I am going to court for that.
Should be fun to go to court eh?!?!3) I was wonderfully entertained during my drives alone in the car... I have a huge collection of burnt CDs (in my car!) and I am proud to say that I went thru most of them (except the really stupid and annoying ones)!!!
My standard reaction...'Oh my god I havn't heard that song in forever!!'

Yeah!! lol

So what is everyone else upto?
Okay if everyone read the post about the 'Real Me' ..then I should say that Tom's and mine one year anniversary is comming up!!!
Here is the funny part....we dont really know the date we first talked. We do have a rough idea...and I think we are going to approximate it to the 21st or 20th. lol. it doesnt matter what exact date it appriximate is good enough! lol
I am going to TRY to write a poem... I will have it up here if I do it.

And oh wanna hear something funny...
My parents sat me down and told me that I should start looking at guys and be serious about marriage!!
They said 22 is old enough...and I agreed...for like 50 years ago!!
So yeah... I cant possibly tell them about Tom... not yet!
So now I am seriously considering telling them that I am a lesbian. I think that by knowing that...they might get off my back. But then also if I think about it...that might give them a reason to get me married quicker.
So yeah...dunno what to do. Do you think I should bring home a fake girlfriend?
I need help with this... make me some suggestions please!!
I think my parents head is still stuck a few yrs back...even my friends in India havnt started looking at guys!!

So yeah....that's about it...
And ohh...
BTW... I am going to go buy some art supplies tommorow!! YAY!!
I really wanna's high time.
Hopefully I iwll have something soon!

take care everyone!